Why Shaw Gidley

At Shaw Gidley we provide timely advice resulting in more options being available to you and your company with the aim of mitigating further losses to key stakeholders. 

If you believe your company is in financial trouble and are seeking professional accounting and legal advice, we are here to navigate you out of the red zone as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Our reconstruction and insolvency experts, who are members of ARITA, if contacted at the right time, can outline alternate solutions to liquidation or administration and guide your business into a better financial position.

Reconstruction Turnaround Strategies

Reconstruction turnarounds are applicable to businesses who are heading into a period of financial recovery after experiencing a downward turn in performance. They are positive because they indicate an upward trajectory, but they require some strategies to ensure a long-term positive, stable outcome.  

 Corporate ReconstructionTurnaround crisis-stabilisation

Crisis Stabilisation

Stabilising the crisis requires you to conserve the liquidity of funds in order to make way for opportunities to regain the restructuring of both the finances and the business. Here, we can monitor and work toward stabilisation efforts and make changes accordingly.

 Corporate ReconstructionTurnaround voluntary-administration

Voluntary Administration

This common strategy in reconstruction turnarounds works toward remodeling your company’s finances in your crisis areas. This process ensures we have time to help you reorganise finances and reestablish the business back to its Directors through a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA).

 Corporate ReconstructionTurnaround informal-turnaround

Informal Turnaround

This is a comprehensive assessment of your business’s position in the market, including issues pertaining to business owners (you or otherwise), financiers and stakeholders. This approach applies to non-distressed businesses looking to make operational changes with management on mutually agreed upon terms.

 Corporate ReconstructionTurnaround remployee-retention

Employee retention and reemployment

This is a tough avenue to take, but sometimes a necessary one. We are sensitive to the human element of employee retention and reemployment and work with you to make it as respectful and professional a process as possible throughout.


Our firm has worked closely with Shaw Gidley Insolvency and Reconstruction. The team at Shaw Gidley are specialist insolvency practitioners and make the confusing process of insolvency easy to understand. The experienced team are honest, professional and are keenly aware of the interests of the relevant stakeholders. Our firm would recommend Shaw Gidley Insolvency and Construction to anyone looking for accurate insolvency advice and practical solutions that you can trust.


Butler Business and Law


In my business relationship with Shaw Gidley, I have always found them to act in their clients best interests and with utmost integrity.....They take the time to evaluate each individual circumstance and get the best result for their clients. Shaw Gidley, through open communication, take the fear and apprehension out of insolvency.


Bidwell Hospitality


Jeff has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Liquidating a company is an incredibly stressful and emotional process, yet Jeff was supportive and guided me through the process every step of the way. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeff and his team should you ever find yourself in a similar situation. I've come away from the process feeling like I've been well taken care of and confident going forward into this next chapter.


Ziggy Australia


Our firm has had a professional relationship with Jeff Shute and the team at Shaw Gidley for several years now.  Throughout this time, we have sought Jeff and the team's knowledge, advice and expertise on a number of matters to help guide our clients through their own at times difficult circumstances.

Jeff and the team have always provided a wealth of professional and technical advice which has been tailored for our clients and designed specifically with the intention of helping to achieve an optimal outcome.

We would have no hesitancy in referring Jeff and the team at Shaw Gidley to anyone whose circumstances require it and look forward to continuing our professional relationship into the future.




I recently had the pleasure of working with Jeff Shute and the team of Shaw Gidley, on a mutual client matter, and I must say, their expertise and professionalism exceeded my expectations. My client was in financial distress and the guidance and advice provided to navigate through difficult times was paramount.

Right from the initial consultation, I was impressed with Jeff's attentive approach and professionalism.  Jeff and his team at Shaw Gidley took the time to understand my clients situation and provided the tailored advice to provide the optimal outcome.

Throughout the entire process, Shaw Gidley displayed an outstanding level of knowledge and experience. Their expertise in insolvency, restructuring, and financial management is evident in every step they take. They kept myself and my client informed about the progress regularly and answered all our questions promptly, leaving me with a sense of confidence and reassurance that my client was in capable hands.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Shaw Gidley to anyone experiencing financial difficulties. With Shaw Gidley by your side, you can be confident that you are in capable hands.




Having recently worked with the team at Shaw Gidley, I would be happy to recommend their services. Communication throughout the service was fantastic and appreciated their support throughout the process.




Shaw Gidley and their staff are always so informative, supportive and kind in their dealings with me. I have no doubt about their knowledge and experience and they are always so helpful