Shaw Gidley's approach to restructuring small business


by Jeff Shute19.12.23

At Shaw Gidley, we come to you with three pillars of support, care and advice, that seek to cover the multiple facets of the restructuring experience: the restructuring process itself, the mental and emotional toll and set up for the future. We take a strategic and personalised approach to restructuring small business, which recognises that it’s not just a business process, but a personal one in most instances. Here is our core approach to restructuring, and how it can support you to find your way to a positive future.

Restructuring process


Shaw Gidley’s restructuring starts with a consultation to gauge your position and your hopes and goals for you personally, and your business within that. We then take a deep dive into your finances, including the details of your debts, operational structures, employee structure and cash flow dynamics. This helps form the basis of a tailored strategy that not only addresses immediate financial concerns but positions the business for long-term resilience.

Restructuring can feel overwhelming, disruptive and messy, so we work with you to demonstrate the streamlined way to navigate through the web seamlessly and with a clear, achievable goal in sight.

The economic landscape in Australia can be quite dynamic, so the restructuring process involves more than just financial rectification. We integrate legal expertise, compliance considerations, and proactive measures to create a holistic restructuring plan.

Our restructuring plan is a comprehensive and strategic pathway aimed at revitalising your financial health and operational efficiency of your company. The plan puts informed theoretical challenges and opportunities, and the strategies to make the most of them, into implementation. Your pathway typically has clear direction on actions to be taken, ongoing space to explore evolving opportunities should they arise, and a strong end-goal in mind, being strived for, at all times.

Strategic restructuring 

Strategy is a vital component of our small business restructuring process that helps build business resilience and a feasible future. Our strategised approach includes a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation before employing a tailored pathway to cover not only debt negotiations and cost-cutting measures, but also operational structures. By aligning restructuring efforts with specific, goals and needs of your individual business, we aim for sustained growth, however that best looks for you. 

We navigate the regulatory and legal frameworks to offer solutions that are not only compliant but forward-thinking. Clear communication and client collaboration are at the forefront of our strategy, ensuring that small businesses are keeping up with the ever-evolving business landscape.

Our strategies are individualised to your circumstances and goals, with the aim being the best possible outcome for you and your business.

A thorough and understanding approach

A thorough and understanding approach to small business restructuring is imperative for navigating the complexities of financial challenges effectively. At Shaw Gidley, we bring a meticulous and empathetic lens to the process. This approach involves close examination of your business’s financial set up and sustainability predictions. We take into account not just the numbers but the unique circumstances that contribute to challenges, and the personal effects they have on the individuals involved. By understanding the specific needs and aspirations of each business, we can craft restructuring solutions that extend beyond immediate financial recovery.

We collaborate closely with you, with transparent communication and partnership building that goes beyond the restructuring phase.

Get support

Seeking guidance from professionals or consultants experienced in business restructuring provides valuable insights and support throughout the process.

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