Our Process

Shaw Gidley understands that each matter is unique and requires a tailored solution.

We will liaise with with  your nominated advisers during the assessment phase if you so desire. Once a solution has been formulated and offered to you, we allow you time to contemplate and discuss the solution with your advisers and will conduct a second meeting if desired. 


Initial Discussion or Meeting

At first contact, our principals will take the time needed, whether over the phone or face to face (obligation and cost free) to assess your individual circumstances. This is known as the assessment phase.


Execution of Documents

We will prepare the necessary documents required to formalise our appointment and once executed, will commence our appointment and take control of your Company and its financial affairs.


Appointment Commences

Our Team will take control of your Company and work with you and your stakeholders to find the best solution for all. Our Team essentially become the only point of contact for your stakeholders regarding the Company and its affairs.